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We are a young couple, new to both loftium and airbnb.  We were looking for houses to rent, and a loftium ad popped up on facebook.  While we were researching, we found little information on reviews, and first hand experience.  So, we made a little blog to document some of the process and "lifestyle," if you wanna call it that.  I'm hoping this can be more helpful than loftium's faq.  Which, is still great and an excellent resource. 

We decided to go for it and try it out.  


The blog sections contains interesting topics, and helpful insight into both Airbnb and loftium hosting.  I'm hoping I can provide higher detailed information that could either sway you toward loftium, or help you decide if its not for you.  We try to capture the real interactions that happen between us and our guests, the good and the challenging,

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