Airbnb IPO and Experience Update
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Airbnb IPO and Experience Update

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

Rolled over in bed this morning and checked the news. Barely cracking my eyes I see the announcement that airbnb is making moves to go public. Is this good for hosts? I don't know anything about stocks, but in my mind, I think a growing business is a good business. How much bigger can you get after going public, not much. I'm not sure if anything will change for us as hosts, but I always had a little anxiety about harsher regulations shutting the whole thing down. I think the ipo means that airbnb is going to be a very strong and reliable company to work with. If I had a few bucks laying around, I'd buy stock. Since were working with airbnb, our efforts will drive the business forward and a real sense of ownership can be had with a few shares in my pocket. I know I do a good job, so my contributions to the company will feel tangible. By doing my best, the company I have investments in will do better for it and I collect the profits of soaring stock price.

Here is that link to the article. You should do your own research, because I'm dumb when it comes to the high end business world

September has turned out to be our busiest month. We only have 3 open days on out calendar. Last we checked, were at about 700 for out performance bonus and cleaning fees. Our bad luck stream is drying up. We've had the best guests this month. So easy to do this when the guests are good. Our rating is still hanging around the 4.7 area. We're taking some dings on the value. I'm not sweating it because Loftium sets the prices. It all comes down to the hotel vs hostel argument, and everyone has their own expectations, and there's no way to win them all. I don't blame anyone, its just one of those things out of our control. We're thinking about getting some fake plants and nick knacks to spruce it up and make the guest experience more pleasant, and homey feeling. This month has felt like a turning point for us. Its no longer new. That initial excitement has worn down a bit, but with that comes relief from stress and not knowing. Its just a simple chore now. The reviews aren't negative, we found our stride. So long as no major upsets come our way, we see ourselves riding until the wheels come off.

Loftium has become an asset in our family. We have big goals, I'm starting my own business soon and the rent relief, plus actual profit from our unit is so important, especially now that my income may decrease as I'm building my business. We're anticipating a crash in the Denver housing market. As we save money with loftium, the value of property is coming down. This puts us in a really good position to buy our own home when we're ready. Having a goal and knowing that loftium is helping those goals makes hosting so much easier, and we're grateful.

Side note: I applied for a job at loftium, they didn't want me. Oh well, I applied on a whim, but man-o-man, what a good gig that would be. Maybe next time.

Still no word on the licensing issue we've been having. Remaining positive that every thing is going through.

Thanks for reading as always. If you're in the wall street world and would like to comment on the airbnb ipo, please do! I would love to discuss as well as learn more for myself.