Guest posting and link exchange opportunity for travelers and hosts
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Guest posting and link exchange opportunity for travelers and hosts

The title says it all. Im trying to locate other bloggers who host on airbnb, as well as travelers who use airbnb frequently. The purpose is to diversify the content on this blog. So far, it's all our experience and is unique to the area we live in, and the guests we accommodate. Id like to for you to share your stories as well! How has hosting changed your life and daily routines? What are some of the challenges you've had with guests, good and bad? How do you feel about safety in the short term rental industry? Have you been affected by the seeping bans in some communities? Do you have any helpful tips for new hosts? Things of that nature. Im giving you a platform on this blog to rant, rave, and sing your praises.

For travelers, what hosts have really gone above and beyond to impress you? What big and little things do you look for when choosing a place to stay in? Once you're there, what things make you happy or disappointed? What were your most memorable stays?

If you have a blog and would like to link exchange, i'll be happy to write up some of our experiences as hosts. One thing ive discovered since starting this blog is that I really enjoy writing. I look forward to every chance I get to share my opinion and practice my writing skills.

Of course, all credit will be due to the author and I will link to your blog. You're more than welcome to stay anonymous or you can share your name. Its completely up to you and your comfort level and both will be regarded with the highest respect.

Feel free to message me a