October? More like shocked-whoa-ber.
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October? More like shocked-whoa-ber.

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

Had our worst guest the other week. Its a close tie between them and the other people, but this family gets the prize. However, I have a feeling they will be dethroned soon, and another set of obnoxious lame-os will be king for the day.

Cheap prices invite cheap people.

I feel like the guests need to take some responsibility and know sometimes airbnb isn't a good option for their travels. Primarily, I'm talking about children. We had a small family the other week. Lemme tell you, that kid screamed and cried every night. We had major problems right off the bat. First being, the guest didn't read either our listing or our check in instructions. He shows up at 11, struggles to get in the garage, is texting me as I sleep about getting the code, he calls, I answer and all the sudden Im going outside at 11pm to show him how to get in. When I asked him what he didn't understand in the check in instructions, he says he didn't read them. I caught him on security opening doors that are strictly forbidden, which is clearly stated on the house rules that he didn't read either. This genius had the nerve to get fussy about parking on the street and not having a kitchen, two things that are already mentioned on our listing. Like, how did you not know that? You don't wanna see where your money is going, what you're getting for your money?

Anyway, the damn kids screamed constantly. We had to mention the noise twice, and at all hours of the day and night. I get that kids cry, but the parents just didn't care. There was no attempt to quiet them down. It crossed our minds to get airbnb involved and kick them out. They broke the house rules twice in 4 days.

If you're traveling with a family on vacation, stay at a hotel. You and your family will be much happier if you spend the extra cash on a noise insulated environment. Not to mention you'd be free of torturing your hosts in the process. That's what I mean about cheap people. Your cheap ass is going to make our lives hell for a week. Its not fair, and prior condensation has to be taken before booking. I had to give a bad review, there was no way around it, other hosts don't need to deal with that. I feel like its either get a hotel or go with an airbnb that doesn't have other people in it.

We've been getting more hits on our reviews lately too. Apparently we're making too much noise. Again, it says in our listing that we get up early to go to work. We also have wood floors and a dog, so some noise is going to happen. There's not much more we can do about that, we try to stay quiet in the morning.

Bookings have slowed too. That decrease in bookings I expected in September showed up this month in October. I guess we'll see how it goes from here, but this time last month, we were already booked for 2/3 of the month, now were booked for barely half.

I cant tell if I'm just having an off week, or if this "lifestyle" isn't all I thought it was cracked up to be. Im hoping its just short term annoyance from difficult guests. I think I my attitude will rebound, it usually does. Keeping my fingers crossed. Maybe we just need a break. Maybe a slow October will give us the chance to recharge a little and rest our minds from all the business in our lives. I reckon this is the first time I've been aware of the added stress of hosting. My plan is to get over it, and carry on with business as usual. No doubt a little break would be cool though.

Hope everyone is off to a smooth start in October. Its spooky season. ooooooooooo

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