Experience Update
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Experience Update

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

Hey friends,

Just wanted to drop in the ol blog-o-sphere and say whats up. September is just beginning and with it comes unlimited positivity and openness to new guests and experiences. A good chunk of September is already booked, maybe half or so. Its a weird one so far. I'm seeing shorter stays pop up. I'm wondering if this is a predictable trend, and the busy summer fun vacation travel is giving way to more serious business oriented short term stays. Kinda makes sense to me. It feels like the whole united states hits a glue patch after labor day. The short term bookings are honestly much easier to handle. There is much less garbage left over, people are traveling by themselves or with one or two other people, quiet, simple, automated, just the way I like it. From a financial stand point, the more cleaning fees you can collect a month, the better off you are, so that's cool. I hate the snow, but am kinda excited to see how we deal with that. I got my eye on a fancy electric snow blower. Obviously, ill put it through the harshest winter conditions and report back with my official endorsement, or say its crap and go get my money back. We have a big driveway leading up to the guest entrance, and keeping that cleared will be super important for guest's safety. Especially if they're showing up later than the usual check in time. Colorado gets dark at 6 during the winter, might even pop on another motion activated spot light. No slippy, no break backy, no law suity. Fingers crossed. Hope everyone enjoyed their friends and family over the long weekend.

thanks for reading.