Oh man, here comes trouble!
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Oh man, here comes trouble!

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

Just kidding. I don't anticipate any real issues with our upcoming guests. However, I'm still slightly worried. We had a guest apply with not so great reviews. Initially, we were like "nah, just say no." But, upon further consideration, I decided to ask the guest about the previous negative review. The guest told their side of the story and I can see how there was some miscommunication. Ultimately, we decided to give them another chance, but took the time to communicate (before approval) that they must respect the home, our house rules, and our time. The guest seemed receptive. We made a deal, if the guest promises to respect our home, our rules, and our time, we're happy to leave an accurate and hopefully positive review. It feels right to give them a chance to regain some credibility on airbnb. If not, they're gonna have two bad reviews and struggle to get approved in the future.

Also, ordered a security camera for the guest entrance. It serves two purposes. First being, we will be able to count the number of guests coming into the home. Second, it will send a message that if you break any of the rules, that will be documented as well. Many folks on reddit say it does well in preventing any potential hooligans from disrespecting your property.

ex.. Potential guest wants to rent your airbnb and throw a party. Potential guest sees security camera on your listing. Potential guest decides its too risky. Potential guest decides to party somewhere else.

I'm gonna have to double check the loftium lease to make sure its allowed first. But, that is the plan, and that is why we're doing it.

updates coming soon