Guest Entrance Rig
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Guest Entrance Rig

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

I meant to mention this earlier. I wanna share real quick how we decided how to better manage the guest entrance protocol. Initially, about a week before our listing went live and while we were still assembling furniture we realized we had a problem with the guest entrance. The plan as it was, was the guests would have to use the gate in the fence on the north side of the house, walk through the backyard, arrive at the south side of the house, open another door to get into the garage, then open the last door to the airbnb. It felt super clumsy, not streamlined, required actual effort, privacy issues with the backyard, and we have a dog. We and likely our guests as well, would appreciate a new approach.

The best way to get to the unit is through the garage. It has better lighting, and leads you directly to the airbnb keypad door. Boom, bam, in. We were in luck, the garage has a keypad and code box on the outside. It is also equipped with a fancy garage door opener. Its made by a company called myq. The thing about this motor is that it can be connected to wifi and can be controlled remotely. We had to buy a small plug in device from bestbuy to upgrade the motor in the garage. It was easy enough, and I think I got it on sale for 50 bucks.

Gone are our worries. It works really well, and has been reliable so far. You open up the app and it'll tell you if the garage is open or closed and how long its been open or closed for. Its easy to tell if guests have arrived as long as you remember the last time you yourself used the garage.

Just wanted to say whats up for the day and share that idea. Maybe you're in the same boat and this can help you out.

Security camera arrives tomorrow. Loftium and airbnb are cool with it.