How Much Time Do You Spend On Loftium
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How Much Time Do You Spend On Loftium

Updated: Jan 18

Let me get us started by saying being a manager is absolutely a full time gig. Its a title and set of responsibilities you have to honor 24/7/365.

This question has come up a couple times this week. Instead of ballparkin' a number off the top of my head, I decided to start a stopwatch and get some more accurate information.

It just so happens that we had an average group, who stayed an average amount of time, and left the unit in an average condition. I think this'll provide a good base for us to estimate and expand from. It was four people, who stayed two nights. In terms of average condition, it wasn't actually dirty, but it was unorganized. This is how most guests leave it when they check out. All the linens and towels were used, the sofa bed was open, and trash was in the cans. No big deal.

My girlfriend and I tag teamed the cleaning, like we usually try to do. And, each of the big chores take approximately the same amount of time. When I finished the bedroom, she finished up the bathroom, then we met in the living room. In total, from start to finish, it took us 32 minutes, and 14 seconds. That includes, cleaning the bathroom: toilet, wiping surfaces, floor, emptying trash, collecting towels, and stocking amenities. We offer single use soaps, and toilet paper. The bedroom: organizing tables and lights, stripping dirty linens, emptying trash, making the beds with fresh linens, dusting, and vacuuming. The living room area resembles a big bedroom, and the cleaning protocol is pretty much the same, except we do stock amenities in the kitchenette. We give out little instant coffees, tea, sugar, cups and some paper towels.

Since the big chores take the same amount of time, it's safe to figure that someone cleaning by themselves, can expect to double that and spend about an hour cleaning between guests. The hours spent per week is harder to determine, theres such a variety in the number of guests, types of guests, how long they stay, the length of time they stay, and what the overall trend is in your area.

If you're near an airport you may have shorter stay durations, more frequently. People are in town for a night or two for some kind of business, one or two people, and they have to leave early and go right back. They just wanna be by the airport. In the suburbs, you'll likely host larger groups, for longer periods of time. A group of family members or friends in town to visit, and spend time. We had families on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. If you're in the city, and close to attractions. You'll host vacationers, here to sight see and have fun. Our location has a little bit of everything. We're not too far from the airport, and we live very close to a children's hospital and massive medical complex which holds the hospital of the Department of Veteran Affairs.

Loftium and airbnb both say the average stay is 2 days, so you can expect to clean 3 times in one week, give or take. All those factors considered, you'll spend between 3-5 hours cleaning a week. In the spring and summer, expect to be in the 4-5 hour range a week, based on the frequency and duration of bookings.

However, this does not include laundry. You will have about 3 smaller loads of laundry per booking. You can squeeze them in to 2 big ones, but I discourage doing that. You're gonna wear down your machines, and big loads of clothes take longer to dry. The duvet covers in particular take longer to dry than anything else. Our washer, and dryer need about 40 minutes each to clean and dry. The laundry takes the longest and you can expect 4 hours per booking, loading, waiting, switching and folding. All said and done, about 12 hours a week.

One important thing to remember is the phone. You have to do all the communication with guests. Its as easy as sending a text message, which we can all do effortlessly, so I'm not including it in the total time per week calculation. But, if you really need to know, let's say 10 minutes a week max. And, thats if you're a slow texter. It's such a marginal amount of time, you'll barely notice it.

With the major factors accounted for, expect to spend 15-17 hours a week, broken up into 3 segments during the week. Feel free to expand on that calculation and factor the time per month and year if you like.

I'd say for beginners, you'll be in the 17 hour area, while your getting your system down and learning to manage your time well for your specific space. Helpful hints include, having your materials bought beforehand and organized in one place. Trying out new ideas, and optimizing your plan as you go. We clean the unit the same way every time. We have fresh laundry stacked on shelves, and cleaning supplies in a cabinet. We prepare a list as we go to make sure we have enough supplies for the week ahead.

There you have it, the question has been answered. As best as I can at least. I think every home is gonna be different. I really hope this helps you out.

If any current hosts would like to share their tips, I encourage you to do so in the comments section.

Thanks for reading.