October Nightmare | Damaged Items
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October Nightmare | Damaged Items

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

I've been waiting to post on this topic. Thank goodness it had to come this late, but alas, its finally here. What I'm talking about is damage items, and how loftium helps you deal with that.

We had another round of horrible guests. They had a noisy small child. Long story short that kid pissed the bed and permanently damaged the sheets, comforter, and a couple of towels. This literally could not have happened at a worse time, because we've had so many plumbing issues in this house. The plumber was hours late, like always, took four times longer to fix a drain than he said it would take, and we had new guests on their way in. The guy literally left at the exact time the new guests showed up, for a moment we were all crowded in the garage exchanging awkward glances at one another. There was only one item that we could salvage, the mattress protector. We couldn't even finish washing it, because of the plumber. It's actually still wet in the washer as we speak, since our clothes washer is only accessible through the airbnb unit.

As you go, you'll lose some of your faith in humanity. Strangers are so indecent in your home. How society has failed these people so greatly is astonishing to me. I never expected people to be so gross, and oblivious. If its not bad hygiene, it's rude manners, if not rude manners, it's being a messy house guest, if not a messy house guest it's not reading the check in info and not paying attention to details, and at times a combination of all. Airbnb is not a good option for people traveling with small children, ESPECIALLY if it is a shared home, which your loftium home will be. Major disclaimer right there. If you dont like other people's kids, maybe not for you. This is the second round of obnoxious, poorly behaved children ruining our days and nights. There were food crumbs everywhere, and the whole unit smelled like urine. It was awful and disgusting. However, since people pay to stay with you, they feel the right to be disgusting slobs in the process. You will know exactly what Im talking abut as time goes on in your lease. Be prepared for that. We gave them an honest review and highlighted their gross habits for other hosts to evaluate before accepting.

I wanted to come on here and give Loftium proper credit. This was the week from hell, and they really stepped up for us. We sent them an email abut the damaged items, took pictures (remember document everything) and the csr responded right away. With no hassle, they ordered the replacement pieces of laundry, and they arrived within a couple of days. It was a super easy process because the reps are great at helping you along with problems. They also came through big time during the plumbing situation, being a moderator and observing the situation between us and the property management. They made sure things were being handled fairly by both sides and seemed prepared to step in and wield their influence if we were not being respected.

Hope you all are doing better than us this month. We have a great group of kids from Arkansas right now, so thats helping us get back on track.

until next time,