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Loftium Deleted Listing

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

I came across someone looking for advice on loftium. I found the post on a forum that I spend a decent amount of time on. This person has an interesting problem going on right now. It seems like a pretty serious situation. It's a problem that came from pretty unique circumstances. I thought it'd be a good story to share, because it highlights the potential problems you may not have thought about could affect your experience with Loftium. The author will as always remain unknown, and since the story was published anonymously on an already public forum, I can only assume the author is ok with it being seen by strangers.

"We are currently in the middle of a very bad situation. Im interested to know if anyone else has encountered this issue. We've been hosting for about 5 months and everything was great. Our place is always booked, great reviews, rent credits,etc. Loftium has been great. No complaints from guests. The very font of our home is rented out for ABB (bedroom and bathroom). Its private with its own entry so we do not see guests. Since its attached to our home we can hear each other sometimes but we've never had complaints.

Until this past weekend we had a guest complain about my husband and myself arguing/having a disagreement (as all couples do). She messaged us asking if all was ok which i figured strange and we told her yes...That morning we wake up to every booking cancelled and hers. I called and ABB told me "technical difficulties". Then a couple days later get an email from ABB saying our account was deactivated permanently - "we consider this decision final". They never asked us about any incidents or situations or even explained the exact reason. Just deleted us! I can not get back to my account or use airbnb as a traveler for a lifetime. I've used the platform for almost 10 yrs....

What would Loftium do in this case? Im so worried we will get kicked out of our 3 br home that is now fully furnished and/or have to pay full rent which we can not afford! If i knew ABB was so quick to deactive people i never wouldve signed a lease and relied on a living situation this way. And i can not imagine a company like Loftium would have people sign leases knowing this is a thing.

Google search ' ABB Host accounts deactivated'. There are hundreds of others in this situation. At this point i say avoid this situation if possible. I dont know how this will turn out yet but I cant imagine it will be good at this point. Will update when i know more. continue..the fact a host is at the liberty of a guest is very scary. Especially in your own home and not knowing this person's mental state, who they are, etc. ABB does not care about the hosts and guests equally. Whatever the guest says goes for ABB. Rent a normal apartment or home. Learn from my mistake."

I asked to author to keep me update with how it goes. Not if they will, but if they do, i'll post it.