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Loftium License Issue

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

We have an evolving issue with our short term rental license in Denver. This is required by the City and County of Denver to legally run an airbnb. Somehow, Loftium did not submit our short term rental license paperwork to the proper city officials promptly. We're under the impression that Loftium handles that, and figured it would be submitted well with in the first couple weeks of us signing our lease. We brought this to their attention when we got a letter from the city and county of Denver, informing us that our listing is illegal. When we brought it up, Loftium said the person in charge of submitting paperwork was on vacation. Second time we checked in there was a "vacancy," whatever that means.

Initially, we submitted all the necessary documentation on July 12, 2019. Keep this in mind.

On the 9th of August, we received a letter from our city, stating that we are running an illegal short term rental.

We contacted Loftium on that same day, the 9th, because as you can imagine its slightly alarming to get a random letter from your city saying you're breaking the law.

Loftium didn't respond to our first email.


We sent a follow up message on the 12th. They said that they have us filed with our city and its gonna take a bit. We were willing to be patient and let Loftim and the City and County of Denver do their thing. Not a big deal.

Which leads us to today, September 4.

Today, The Denver Post published an article that caught my attention. Denver is cracking down super hard on illegal short term rental properties. So far, this year, 154 people have surrendered their licences to avoid a legal consequence. Another 126 have withdrawn applications. And 4 people face felony charges for "attempting to influence a public servant." They intentionally lied on their applications to make a public servant grant them licenses and permissions.

In Denver, you can only operate a short term rental within your primary residence. These people were listing properties as their primary residence when they were in fact not. An example being, some guy has two houses. He lives in one, and lists the empty one on airbnb. He can only legally list the home he lives in full time. The other empty short term rental property is illegal. Apparently it was really out of control in Denver and I'm glad they actually did something about it.

We checked in again, for obvious reasons. Got pretty much the same response, paper work is submitted, we still have to wait. However, they said they sent an email to check in on the status of our app.

I'm slightly worried that since all this drama is going down, the department is clogged and moving slowly, or that they're looking at all new apps with extra scrutiny and that takes extra time

I trust that Loftium knows what they're doing, but I always picture the worst case, potentially real scenario. What if we are not approved? Can we still live here? Will we have to pay the full rent price (which we cant afford) and what about all the extra bonus cash we've been working hard to earn, we just don't get that opportunity anymore? Does this situation have the potential to overflow and become a full blown legal disaster?

I'm sure that everything will be fine, but what if it isn't. The link to that article I referenced.

Important to remember: Our loftium home meets the legal requirements for short term rental. This is our primary residence, and the short term rental operates within it.

Ill definitely post again as soon as I know more.