Loftium Extended Stay Limit.
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Loftium Extended Stay Policy Update.

This is dumb, and I hope loftium realizes this is a mistake fast. You can't change the policy in the middle of our lease. We did not sign up for this, and had this been the policy before we signed the lease, we would not have. This isn't a simple tos update, this is a huge change. A consideration for us while we were deciding to lease with loftium was the cleaning fee money. If we get two, two-week stays in the month, we get 90 dollars. We still get the 20% profit share, but the majority of the money we make comes from the cleaning fee.

Hello from Denver, yet again. We got an email from loftium earlier this week. They let us know that they were extending the maximum stay limit. It has graduated from one week to two. The update is and not exclusive to certain areas, and is for all loftium homes.

We spoke to Sara, who was very nice.


"Hi there, I saw a message on our dashboard that says potential stays have been increased from a max of 7 to 14 days. We were just seeking some clarification on that as our Landry is only accessible from the Airbnb space and it is already extremely difficult for us to get this done. Also is this just a change for us? Or a loftium wide change? Thanks!"


"This is a Loftium-wide change! We totally understand the added challenge that comes with having the laundry in the Airbnb space, so we encourage you to (1) update your listing and auto-messages to add this detail and (2) coordinate a schedule with your guest that works for everyone!"

I dont know how I feel about going into the guest space while its occupied. We give our guests a lot of space and privacy. We rarely even talk with them unless its over the phone. Not to be standoffish, we just dont cross paths that often. t's never felt negative, but I think thats the relationship us and our guests want. We do not want to intrude, and they do not want to be intruded upon.

From the guest's perspective, it's not appealing. I wouldn't want the host coming in my space. It feels very unnatural for us to schedule with our guests to do our laundry. Its like "sorry to interrupt you and you family while you're on vacation. We just wanna know when you'll be leaving today? We need to go through your space and do our laundry." It's so weird to me. Im not looking forward to doing that at all. And what a distraction to the guests. Like, do you adults with jobs and families mind checking in and telling us your schedule while you're in town? Whats concerning now that I think of it, is they can do whatever they want. Your home is on the line and you're locked in to a lease. This isn't just a job you can quit walk away from. They have your house!

Sorry to be a grouch, but I dont think this will go well for us.

We were confident about renewing the lease in May, but now we're on the fence again.