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Loftium extra guest policy

This has been on my mind lately. So, we've recently had just one guest make the booking, but more than one person has shown up. I've seen on reddit that this is not ok. But, I've finally gotten around to what I think is the right answer. If you own your home and are hosting on airbnb by yourself, you have the option to charge for extra guest. In our case, the Loftium case, there is no extra charge for extra people. Don't let yourself get caught up and confused by this. Loftium's policy is different than airbnb's. Loftium controls the maximum number of guests your listing allows. This was honestly driving me crazy and I'm so glad its sorted. One guest can make the the booking, and bring up to the maximum number of guests your listing allows. They do not have to disclose how many guests, so long as its not over the maximum number of guests. Although, it is helpful to know how many people are coming so you can set out enough supplies. We just encountered this today, in fact. I noticed in the correspondence after booking that the guest kept saying "we" instead of "I." I casually asked how many guests, no drama or anything. I think we will let that be known in the review. Not in a threatening manner, just let them know it helps the host to know how many people to expect.

That being said, if you do have a guest that brings in more than the maximum amount of guests than your listing provides.

  1. Document it, whichever way you can. I sound like a broken record over my little security camera, but its proving its value time over again. Highly recommend.

  2. Then, contact airbnb. I don't know exactly what they'll say, but I've seen online that they will charge for the extra people ($70ish) or they will cancel the booking on your behalf and evict the guests over infractions to the terms of service agreement which they agreed to.

  3. Contact Loftium. They need to know what happened. Make sure your documentation is on point.

  4. Be cool, let airbnb do their job, sort it out, don't allow yourself to engage in a shouting match with a stranger, or customer service rep.

This actually happened to us once. It was while we were still new. We just kinda just blew it off because it was a family with small kids, and we had no way of proving it other than running up and snatching a picture, which is gross, don't do that. If it happens again, were reporting it. We're not gonna take the hit if something goes down. Picture this, the insurance doesn't cover an accident because the coverage was only on the 6 guests allowed at the time, the seventh (extra) guest breaks a wrist and we're on the hook. My intuition says follow the tos to the highest fidelity. I don't know exactly what would happen in that situation, but I'm not gonna risk it either. Insurance companies have a reputation for being slimey and getting out of whatever they can. They will straight up pwn you if they have a legal technicality to do it with.

If you're familiar with this policy, and I am wrong, please let me know. I will correct it right away and give future hosts the most accurate info I can.