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Loftium Payment Processing-Mid December Update

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

Hello hello.

Hows it going?

Goin' good?


Thats good to hear that.

It's been an interesting last few weeks. I apologize for not posting as frequently as I used to. I'll work on that.

Loftium has made a change over from Cozy, and If you're currently renting with Loftium, you probably already know that. But, if you're conducting research to decide if Loftium is right for you, please make a mental note, Loftium is now processing your rent payment, profit sharing, and cleaning fees in house. No longer on those apps.

We've had some difficult guests. We had some guy sneak his dog in. First, our listing says no pets. Second, my dog freaks out when he smells other dogs near by. Last, he let the dog sleep in one of the beds with him. We have white sheets, and the dog was black. There was so much hair and it was extra hard to clean. On top of all that, we only had one hour to clean, after we both worked. It's the shit like that drives you absolutely nuts. He smelled like and onion too. An onion and an armpit.

We had a family of very ill people down there. All night they were hacking up nasty deep chest coughs. Lots of liquid in that cough. It was constant, and gross. We had to ask the guests after them to come later, so we could do a deep clean and try to kill some of those germs for their sake, and for ours.

That same family ruined a set of sheets with some brown fluid. No idea what it was but it was unpleasant to deal with.

I've noticed something thats fairly upsetting when you think about it. Our unit is currently 38 dollars a night. Now, that sounds like a great deal for travelers, and it is. But, it's a bad deal for us. We feel like our hard work, and willingness to share our home is worth more than 38 bucks a night. I understand that they discount the price during to the slow months to keep money coming in, and theres more supply than demand since fewer people are traveling. I feel this to be true in the busy months as well. They raise the price in the summer, but it still just isn't quite enough to be enthusiastic about. If that makes sense. Also, cheap prices are attractive to cheap people. And for whatever reason, cheap people have bad manners. They're messier. I dont think they charge fairly for what we have to do. We bust our asses, we have a nice place. We deserve more money. People like our service, they should pay for it? If they charged more, they can pay us more, and we'd be much more comfortable with this partnership.

Loftium needs lease renewals to grow their company and prove the concept is scalable, and durable, and can remain relevant in the short term rental market for years to come. We have very mixed emotions about what we're going to do when our renewal is up. We've asked each other and discussed multiple times if its worth it.

We do enjoy the rent discount and making a couple extra bucks, dont get me wrong. But, we both agree that the quality of our work is not fairly compensated. Like, sleeping with strangers in your house is weird. Once you're involved with airbnb, you'll realize what I mean. It affects your quality of life. You're super aware of it sometimes and it feels like a distraction. I wish there was a way to reward us, and the other great hosts with us. It'd be cool if the reviews were more valuable. Good reviews, more money kind of deal.

We had a guest leave his door open in his car on the street. Luckily, one of the neighbors came to the door and let us know. We asked him to take care of it. Same guy didn't stop his kids from taking our tools from the garage and playing with them in the snow.

The time change is hard to deal with too. You get off work and its dark, and freezing. So, it feels super late. I work outside, so the only thing on my mind is getting home and getting warm. Literally, the last thing you wanna do is go clean that airbnb unit. I swear, somedays it feels impossible, but you have to do it. Keep that in mind if you're in a similar demanding work situation.

We're grateful for the opportunity, and we really hope we can keep doing this for another year. We're gonna talk with Loftium when renewal time is up. I hope they're understanding and feel good about giving us a bigger piece of cheese. Its all about that comfortable partnership. A mutually beneficial deal. Both parties win at the end of the day.

Thanks for checking in with us. Aside from those couple bad guests, everyone else has been cool. Very independent, respectful, quiet. We really like giving those folks good reviews. We try to encourage that behavior as best we can. Keep supporting the airbnb ecosystem and the good guests looking for another space to stay at.