Plumber bummers
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Plumber bummers

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

Been a pretty crappy coupe of days. We had badly over grown roots in our pipe. Three plumbers had to come out and look at it, then fixed today by the fourth guy. Unfortunately, we had to ask a guest to leave during this whole disaster. It was the worst the poor guy had to get up and peace out after one night of actually being there. That sucked. We were dreading the interaction the whole time, ended up fine though. We also had to cancel one future booking and block off 4 days for the repairs to get done. Both loftium and airbnb were fair. They were both helpful. Luckily, that one guy didn't leave a bad review. I think were back on track for august. In fact, half of august is already booked.

Also, good news is we got that first rent credit payout today.