Here we go again, round 2 plumbing issues
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Here we go again, round 2 plumbing issues

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

It all started early Sunday morning, the morning of our first year anniversary as a couple. We had just polished off breakfast, and were getting ready to head into Denver to see the Broncos play the Titans. I let myself and the dog in through the back door. Thats when I heard it. I stand stunned in the kitchen as the sound of an overflowing sink spills against the concrete, with the vulgar groan of the sump pump revving in the background, as it prepares a fresh cycle of sewage to be pumped all over our basement floor.

Yes, its going down, again. We have guests, again. We have to ask them to leave, once again. See my post from July 25 if you need context. (title: plumber bummers)

Currently, there is raw sewage and standing water covering the floors in the basement. What I know as of now, is that 2 plumbers are working in the issue. We have a broken main water line and its getting clogged with sand and other outside debris. Initially, it was thought that the problem was plant roots that had grown in through cracks and created a network of cross hatch snags, ready to stop passing toilet paper and other sewage related things (use your imagination). But upon further inspection, it has been revealed to be a broken pipe.

We're communicating in emails, text and over the phone with our property management company, the plumbers, ourselves, airbnb and loftium.

The property management company wants to as little as they can for as little money as possible. They're focused on a short term band aid approach. The plumbers know whats up, they know that the concrete flooring has to be ripped up and a new pipe installed. Loftium has positioned themselves as a moderator between all the important people handling the situation, mainly the high influence communication liaison between us and the property management company. I believe they will push for the more permanent solution, but its ultimately up to the owner of the home. I actually got loftium on the phone today and our csr seems to really care about whats going on in our home and how were being treated by the property management company. The property management responded fast enough i suppose, but I really wanted to get Loftium on the phone. Luckily, I heard back Monday morning and we got to discuss the problem.

The gentleman at airbnb was solid, he helped us out a ton. He took control of the guests, quickly relocating them to a different home in the area.

The property management company in our area of south east Denver is treating us with disrespect and isn't taking our concerns seriously. If and when you come across a major problem like this in your lease, it's very important to document everything. CC loftium support on all emails coming back and forth from property management for maintenance requests. You'll want a record of everything thats happening. Especially when you're being treated unfairly. The vibe I'm getting off the property management company is, "shut up, pay rent, dont ask for nothin." We feel like they're annoyed by us at this point. But, truth be told, they're not the ones with a basement full of sewage.

We busted out a copy of our lease and the renter's rights in Colorado. It seems like if the problem isn't fixed this time around, we have grounds to terminate the lease. The two professional plumbers have made the recommendation to fix the main line, where as the property management folks wanna try something different. I dont speak plumber, but I dont think it'll work as well as actually detecting the real problem and executing the repairs properly. Not to mention, we're pretty tired of cleaning sewage off our $2,000 washer and dryer every 2.5 months, and asking our guests to pack up everything and leave abruptly.

At this point its pretty obvious that the property management company is failing to get this fixed. So far, loftium is doing the best they can, and our beef is with the property management/home owner. So, we are out of business until the problem is fixed, which sucks because we do enjoy that extra cash, and giving well behaved guests a good experience at a fair price. Also, we cant do laundry, and the kitchen sink is out of commission for the time being.

Until next time,

updates to follow.