Bleach and Febreze are your friends
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Bleach and Febreze are your friends

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

September is coming to a close. This was a crazy month for us, our most busy month with only one day without any bookings. I'm not sure how we've even kept up with it all. But we're super stoked. We made 700 bucks off our listing this month. We had some kinda weird request. One guy, an older gentleman wanted to offer us $150 even for a 3 day stay. Obviously, that's not even allowed with Loftium, and its way under the market value of our unit, so we politely declined his request. I think some of the older generation is still figuring out what airbnb is. Not mad, just kinda an interesting request that we haven't seen before this week. Another odd request was to rent the unit for just an evening, not even to stay the full night. A group of students wanted to rent out our unit to screen a dvd for their school project, something weird like that. The weird alert went off for that one, but they decided not to book. Just makes me wonder if they're legit, or of they had other plans, and which is more weird. Who knows?

Oh man, we had a group of real stinkers! I guess hygiene isn't important to everyone. That's why I say febreze and beach are your friends. Their smell seemed to be stuck in the walls. It was just b-o, straight up, b-o and cashed bowles, and clothes that have been folded in the trunk of a car for weeks. They were messy too, and made the unit a pain in the ass to clean and get back to a pleasant odor. Oof. They were quiet though, so that was cool.

I really am amazed by how consistent the bookings are. I think its because we have so many positive reviews now. That's all I can think of for the increase in bookings during the post travel season. I think you'll see a similar upward trend in bookings if you keep your unit clean and take care of your guests well. Fall is pretty much here, its getting dark earlier and earlier everyday. The first week of October is already booked up. Low key, I'm hoping to get at least a couple of free days to get down in the unit and do a deep clean, and get organized again. There isn't a lot to report on for this month, its business as usual, aside from the those odd requests. I did see that Toronto is revving up for a crack down on illegal short term rental units. So, if you're involved with some shady stuff up North, be aware that the hammer may fall. That's one thing that makes loftium such a good option for people to who want to host, but don't own a home yet.

Thanks for reading, again, please engage in the comments section. I'd like some feedback on these posts. Are they helping anyone?