Loftium Tax Bill From Denver Suberb
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Major Tax Bill Arrived in the mail

Late last week we got a 3,800 dollar tax bill in the mail, due in full to the city we rent in. Its an eastern suburb of Denver. Our initial feeling was shock and terror, which slowly caved away revealing confusion and frustration. You may remember from a couple months ago, we still have not received our short term rental license from aforementioned city.

My girlfriend called the the representatives from the city we live in near Denver. The guy was rude and didn't really help us, but thats beside the point. The point is that according to them, we gotta pay that bill.

Next step is calling Loftium. They were helpful. They understood exactly what we were talking about. In fact, a bunch of their homes in this area got the same tax bill. My girlfriend and I dont exactly know whats going on with them and the city. Id like to say it's not our business, but it is. The communication errors between the two caused a huge bill from the city to come to our house. That sucked.

The rep was cool. He let us know that we're off the hook for that bill, and Loftium is working on it, and they're paying for it. We were extra worried because it took so long to get our short term rental license approved. Im happy to say thats finally filed and official for our spot.