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Im Contagious

Its has been one heck of a time this holiday season. Im happy to report I'm now on the mend, and have beaten the flu. We were so busy, going out of town, and to the rural east plains of Denver to visit family. Both of us really had a nice time, but being that busy and going out of town opens you up to savage beating from icky germs. The flu worked me over pretty good. Ive been bed ridden for a few days.


We had consistent bookings for the holidays, meaning from thanksgiving to new years. Guests have been easy enough, thank god. A lot of them were out of the house more than we normally see. Probably out with the friends and family they're in town for. That being said, there was some increased pressure, due to us leaving town and the general business of the holidays, shopping, errands ect.. I think the hardest part was having a same day check in and check out situation, while I was dying from that flu. That was brutal. It's a reminder that you gotta still be on top of that Airbnb even if you're super sick.

I came across an interesting article in the Washington post. Its worth taking a look at. It's pretty much saying hotels hate airbnb. Which we all already knew, but they're pulling major lobby efforts to constrain the market in their favor, by regulating the hell out of short term rentals. I think thats what they're saying. But, it also sounds like a load of bullshit. Im not sure what to make of it, or if it affects me at all.

This is another reason why Loftium makes good sense for anyone trying to get in the short term rental market, but does not have a MBA, or license to practice law. I do not have the time or patience to worry about the ever changing lobby war between short term rental outfits, and the hotel industry. I'll let loftium worry about all that, and if something happens, they'll let me know. And, of course, they're the experts. Im just some guy.

Loftium sent out a cool year end review type of deal. It was fun to remember the last year and see exactly how well our listing performed.

We've had 50 reservations

We've had 21, 5 star reviews

Our average rating is 4.71 (not bad)

We've earned $2,250 in rent credits

We've saved $2,412 in rent

Remember, we moved in late June, so it isn't not a full year, but use your imagination. Thats some pretty substantial money when you see the actual total number. It makes me feel better about renewing the lease and doing another year. When we renew, our profit sharing will double from 20% to 40% so at the end of next year, we should see savings in the in the $10,000 area.

As the year ends, I wanna thank everyone for reading. This has been a fun little blog, and I've learned a lot from doing it. I hope you are benefiting from this information, as well. I wish you the best of luck and happiness in the upcoming year.

Bye bye for now.